Monday, January 21, 2013

ZNetShows Design Team Reveal

(Heads up - this post is photo heavy, so you may want to refresh that cup of coffee and settle in for a bit...)

A few weeks ago, I as one of a number of people invited by Bill Zhang of ZNetShows to design some jewelry using his company's cultured sea glass beads.  Once I picked myself up off the floor from the dead faint of surprise, I said yes and kept watching the mail for what I figured would be a bead or two.

As I described here, what I got was a veritable treasure chest of goodies to work with!

This photo doesn't show a couple of packets of base metal components
that were included -- oops!  You'll see them in the final projects.
And here's what I made with it.  First up, three pairs of earrings:

ZNet Shows sea glass ovals suspended from peyote stitched loops
Another view

ZNet Shows sea glass donuts, Chinese crystal, metal barrels in antique copper finish
ZNet Shows sea glass with mother of pearl ruffles from my stash
(these mother of pearl beads were a BEAR to photograph!)

Four necklaces:

ZNet Shows sea glass shell shapes dangling from doubled length of copper chain
Here's a view of the whole thing - I love how it drapes when worn

ZNet Shows sea glass pendant, clear faceted Chinese crystal,
sea glass rounds,and silver tone beads
(my own fabricated sterling  clasp)

The necklace to go with the earrings above - ZNet Shows sea glass
nuggets and  Chinese crystal.  The mother of pearl ruffles and coral
beads were from my stash.  I made the clasp with an arc-shaped
ZNet Shows sea glass component and a loop of coral beads.
Again, the luster of the mother of pearl made this a bear to photograph nicely.
 And if you know me, you know I had to break out the seed beads sooner or later:

ZNetShows sea glass marquises, sea glass rounds, bead embroidered.
All suspended from multiple strands of silk rattail,
with my own sterling fabricated clasp.
And finally, a freeform peyote bracelet.  This one was the result of my wanting to use the absolutely adorable sea glass starfish as a clasp.

ZNetShows sea glass starfish button, Chinese crystal in a couple of shapes and finishes,
base metal barrels in antique copper finish.  I added lots of my own seed beads.

Big thanks to Bill for letting me play with these great beads!  I hope I did you proud.


Regina said...

What an array of gorgeous designs. Love them all, you have done a magnificient job. Love the detail bead work on the first pair of earrings, great complemet to the white sea glass.

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh my, oh my!!!! so much eye candy here! I think I'm going to short circuit!! I don't even know where to begin. First that first pair of earrings is stunning in its simplicity - I LOVE those. Then those MOP ruffles show up again - man I love those ... and the copper with the sea glass is gorgeous ... wait I'm mixing up the order ... oh hell - I love it all! Simply gorgeous!

Cindy Cima said...

Love them all Bobbie!

tappingflamingo said...

oooo pretty!!! I just love sea glass!

KJ said...

You were really productive. I am just not that fast. I love the red and mother of pearl necklace- beautiful contrast. I love the loop earrings- those are the pieces that really caught my eye in the beads you received. The donut earrings are fabulous as well.

Unknown said...

Girl, you weren't kidding! What a pile of eye candy! I absolutely adore those frosted oval earrings with the twins. The other piece that caught my eye was the necklace with the red beads and the mop ruffles. Even though they were a bear to photo, they are the perfect complement. And of course, your bead embroidered necklace is the bomb! I'm sure he is thrilled with all your pieces!

Alice said...

Whew, you've been busy! Such gorgeous designs, and each one just as fabulous as the last. I'm sure these designs will be a big hit at the show.

Christine Altmiller said...

each picture i scrolled down to i declared to be my favorite! you really made some beautiful and creative pieces here. each and every one is fabulous-o :-)

CraftyHope said...

All of your creations are just gorgeous. I'm especially fond of the earrings with the shy pearls (they didn't WANT to be photographed) and that piece that had you breaking out the seed beads. I love your combination of the yummy blue and violet. That piece is a showstopper and dang well better be destined for Tuscon!!

Becky Pancake said...

Great job Bobbie. I love the color that you got. My favs are the donut earrings and the The marquises necklace.

Christine said...

All of your pieces are so lovely - there's no way to pick a favorite! Good luck!!

Rachel said...

What lovely designs! Love the earrings and the necklace on the copper chain. I am honored to be in your company!

Michael and Cherrie Fick said...

Love the floating pictures on your blog. It is sweet to see the detail. My fav is the top pair of earrings. I love the bead treatment. Very pretty.

Chrissy said...

Love all of your pieces, the purple and green go so well together, and your amazing bracelet is so fun! We got a similar many combinations can be created with these beads!

Donetta said...

I love the elegance of the pieces you created...the relatively simple beads became so much more in your hands! Note to self: seed beading, must learn!

Charlie said...

That mint green is gorgeous! I am so jealous of seed beaders you all make some gorgeous things. I can't even pick a favorite!

LeeLu Creations said...

Wow! I especially love that second set of earrings.

KayzKreationz said...

Wow! What great pieces. And so many. I only got 4 pieces done with my samples. I love your color mix with your sea glass samples. Very nice.