Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Project That Ate My Bead Table - The Conclusion

If you've been visiting for a while, you may remember the project that ate my bead table.  It started out with some watch faces that I bezeled.

Then I struggled with virtually every step beyond that.  How to arrange them.  How to connect them.  What to do to transform it from an interesting centerpiece into a real necklace.  Argh!!!!

I would work on it for a while, and then have to set it aside until inspiration struck again.

But finally I finished it, and I'm finally happy with it.  Hooray!!

The watch faces got arranged and rearranged.  The sparkly wheel used as a toggle clasp had to be resized to balance in scale.  And I rethought the neckstrap - I did end up using a flat spiral stitch, but changed the large beads to a mix of freshwater pearls and pyrite rounds, and didn't break it into sections.

Bless her heart, this ugly duckling finally became a swan.  She had a highly prolonged awkward phase (kinda like the beader who made her...), but I think she's finally ready to be introduced to polite society

Now to find a fancy place to go so I can wear it before I put it up for sale (a girl's gotta wear quality check her work, right?)


Sarah Sequins said...

Wow, that's fabulous! Absolutely stunning.

Before you sell it, have you thought of entering it in the 2012 Bead Dreams competition? Because the watch faces are very unusual, and I think your piece would really wow the judges.

Just a thought! If you win, you could get a huge prize and lots of recognition.

Bebi said...

This is amazing!!!Super idea.:-)

Christine Altmiller said...

I am not sure I would have the strength to part with this after all the heart and soul that was poured into it! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am in awe of your talent and determination and vision. This is one of the most wonderful pieces I have ever seen-- Gorgeous and a real show stopper!

Skye said...

That is beautiful! I have no doubts you'll receive tons of comments when you do wear it :)

Therese's Treasures said...

Bobbie, I remember this necklace and I liked it back then, but now I love it. It is gorgeous and I agree with the one lady that suggested that you enter the piece into 2012 Bead Dreams you never know what might happen.
Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Karin Slaton said...

Wow! A really amazing creation. I keep looking and looking...such stunning detail!

KJ said...

I liked the next to last step- I didn't think the toggle was out of balance, but this is better. I like the strap much better. I always struggle with the strap, I want something substantial but generally worry about the cost/time to add something substantial vs. what would look best.

Wear it with well deserved pride.

PyxeeStyx said...

Incredibly creative repurposing. Love it!

LoriF said...

Wow, I LOVE that!! Very inspiring!