Friday, May 20, 2011

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

There's something I haven't confessed to in this blog.

I love shoes. Seriously enjoy them. To the point that my children, when they were little, would do all they could to steer me away from a store's shoe department because they knew it might just eat up a chunk of the afternoon. To the point that several of my students, back in the days when I taught at a college, made baseball shirts for a bunch of people, and the name they put across the back of mine was "Shooz".

What does this have to do with jewelry and beading? I ran across this picture on AOL today, from StyleList.
These are shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti using diamonds, tourmalines, pink sapphires and russellites from Chopard. And in case your feet get weary from the stiletto heels, the jeweled portion of the ankle straps detach to be worn as bracelets. Thoughtful, no?

Time for another confession -- back in the early 80's I had some smoking hot fuschia and purple high heeled sandals. I blew a whole week's paycheck on them (from working, no joke, at a shoe store). Those shoes wowed 'em at the disco.

But these Zanottis are a little bold even for me. And no, it's not because I'm old enough to have gone to a disco, even if I was underage at the time. (Yikes, that was confession #3! What's the statute of limitations on pretending to be 21 when you're only 19?)

Good thing I'm not lusting after these shoes. At $180,000 I don't think these would be in my closet any time soon, no matter how much I like them!

I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the briolettes to play with, though.....

(And if you recognized the quote in the post title as being from Paul Simon's Graceland album, extra bonus points to you!)

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