Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Green, Muddy, and Fabulous

Y'all, I had the great luck today to go to an event at Churchill Downs today. It may be three days before the Kentucky Derby, but they're running full slates of races every day, and you can feel the excitement bubbling up everywhere.

What I wasn't clever enough to realize was that I should have worn a hat.

Churchill Downs + Derby week= HATS. Duh. I am now swimming in the irony of it all.

Many of the women who attended this event were wearing fabulous hats. Some of them were wearing spectacular hats. There was one woman wearing a hat that, I kid you not, was twice as wide as her shoulders. Watching her navigate through the room was akin to watching a ballerina pirouette across a stage. While balancing an elephant on her head.

Anyway, it has been raining here for many, many days, so the track was quite sloppy. Mud was flying, but the horses were beautiful. Sadly, the ones I put my money on were beautiful but slow.

But all the rain is making all the plants and trees in town incredibly green. When the sun finally broke through the clouds today, it was stunning to see how lush everything is.

So today's hats are in shades of spring green. I find light, spring, chartreuse-y green a little tough to work with, but every now and then I work to break myself out of my rut, because honestly, it's a perfectly lovely fresh color.

Today's event was not one I was in charge of, so I felt like I couldn't break out the camera and take pictures of the women in attendance. Hence, I'm using photos from websites. This first one is, obviously, from a store's site. How's that for a statement flower?

This next one is not a picture of me, nor is this lady anyone I know. But she looked chic and beautiful enough in this designer's hat that she was featured on their website. And seriously, if I had been closer enough to this hat in real life, I'd have been sorely tempted to grab it and make it my own...

And here's my ode to spring green - I wore this necklace today, and it will be for sale at my show in two weeks.
Thankfully, I am typically more successful in putting together jewelry than in putting together a winning wager on the ponies. Ah, well!

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Anonymous said...

Hat's...And THE UK thought they knew hats!
I am sure that was alot of fun, here's to all the ladies who can look great when the MUD is flying!
Your jewelry is simply stunning!