Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hat Week Sunday

Yesterday, I decided that the confluence of the Royal Wedding on Friday and the Kentucky Derby next Saturday was the universe's way of telling us we should celebrate opportunities to wear hats.

So I declared it Hat Week (because in my mind I am the Queen of Creating New Holidays). Each day, I will post at least one photo of hat fabulousness and, where possible, link it to a piece of my jewelry that seems similar in color, inspiration, or mood.

Today, I start with a classic hat that has a little extra flair in the form of a giant red peony and a spectacular pheasant feather.

I'll admit it - my jewelry is a little light in pheasant feathers. But the black and red combo is always a goodie, so here's a necklace I finished this weekend.

The pendant is a wonderful red coral zinnia that I had picked up at a bead show a couple of months ago. Not quite a peony, but close.

I'm having a blast searching for photos of Derby hats. Find a photo of a hat you like? Send it to me!

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