Saturday, June 25, 2011

Muffin Tins and Advance Planning

Have you heard about the Muffin Tin Jewelry Challenge?

This fabulous idea hit my blog reading list the very same day I was getting ready for a quick vacation to the mountains. I had been dithering over what to pack, beadwise, to take along.

And, like a magical intervention from the universe, this idea came to help focus my efforts.

It's been an interesting process, making the projects I envisioned come to fruition without the luxury of being able to raid the supply stash when things don't work the way they did in your mind. I'll end up with 12 completed piece of jewelry, but I also kind of feel like I should get a scouting merit badge for jewelry-making improvisation!

And believe me, I would have posted a picture of my muffin tin, loaded and ready to go, except that the cord that connects my camera to the computer is currently being used to download an update to my GPS. Apparently, it's a miracle that I've found my way anywhere recently, because the download counter says it's going to take 80 hours to complete the download.

Now, the connection in the mountains may be a little slow. But 80 hours?!? If I can find my way back home, I'll post the before and after pictures on Monday....

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