Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Project That Ate My Bead Table (the Update)

Sometimes there are those projects that seem to stay stuck in an unfinished state.

They just won't tell you what they want to be. Or you know what they want to be, but for some reason, every time you sit down to work, the needle may as well be a spaghetti noodle, for as much good as it's doing you.

So instead of being fabulously creative, your beading session becomes a little more like this:

I have one of those projects. And a while back, I decided to use this blog as a means of keeping myself honest and motivated on it -- if I promised to keep you updated on my progress, I'll be a lot less likely to hide that puppy under a pile of other things.

The first hurdle was how to bring these disparate components into a connected whole.

I won't lie. There were some misbegotten attempts along the way. There were some ideas that failed in a pretty cataclysmic, hide-the-babies'-eyes -'cause-it's-so-ugly kind of way.

And that's the joy of beadweaving. And my thread clippers became my best friend as I ripped one attempt after another out and started again. But finally, the answer became clear (cue angelic singing here).

Now, joining these bits together with netting ain't rocket science. The result is not so complex, but all the pieces are now playing nicely together, awaiting the next step. And it gives me the flexibility to move in a lot of different directions from here. The ideas are percolating...

Stay tuned!


Shirley said...

Oh those are just yummy! Love the colors. Can't wait to see the final piece!

Amy F said...

that looks like such a neat project! love that sign too - i may need to hang it in my office :)