Monday, June 13, 2011

Transitions, Passages, and Inspirations

You may not think, as you read this post, that it is bead related. It will be. Promise.

The centerpiece of this past weekend was my daughter's graduation from college. (Pardon me while I go through a quick succession of wild applause, uncontrollable weeping, and spastic happy dancing, all while wondering how she became an adult while I remained as cute and shapely as I was in my mid-20's....)

Also involved in the weekend was moving our son out of his dorm room to come back home for at least part of the summer, and moving our daughter out of her apartment, splitting her possessions between storage until grad school in the fall and those things she'll need for her summer obligations.

Needless to say, packing up the possessions of two young adults in one weekend inspires a person to want to simplify and organize.

See the glee in their faces as they contemplate the joy of
letting Mom and Dad pay for unlimited food and laundry
for the next couple of months?

So (and, as promised, here comes the bead related portion), I plan to do a clean out of my bead room, purging and reorganizing. The state of my bead table is horrifyingly disorganized, and the only way to get near it is by leaping over piles of bead strands, seed beads, magazines, and books. Seriously, it's going to be closer to an archeological dig than a reorganization.

But there will be treasures unearthed and given a new chance to become something beautiful. Will I be able to use everything? Probably not, and therein lies the fun...

All of this newfound organization and stash clearing will result in some giveaways here, so stay tuned! Fair warning -- the next few weeks will be almost as insane as this past weekend was, so the planned clean out may take a while to materialize, but it will happen!

And in the meantime, I have to remember how to grocery shop for two extra appetites and revel in the joy of having everyone under the roof again for a little while. Happy, happy, happy!

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Shirley said...

What an awesome accomplishment. Having just attended a high school graduation this weekend, I'm very much into the thought processes of endings and new beginnings. I've been reworking my all purpose room, which houses many things, including my beads, so I'm with ya on that one. As for food, plenty of fruit, crackers, and crockpot meals is my suggestion. :)