Monday, June 20, 2011

Wherein We Discover Keys To Treasure and Give Thanks for Mature Children and Antihistamines

A couple of hours this weekend were spent poking around in a lovely antique mall -- rummaging around in dusty, rusty, mildewy, sneezy piles of fabulousness.

Thus the thanks for the antihistamine.

Though I've found beads in this store in the past, there weren't really any this time around. But there were still some things that made me squeal. Out loud.

Thus the thanks for mature children. My daughter, who was shopping with me, has apparently reached the age where her mother squealing in public no longer sends her into spasms of mortification.

In fact, she squealed with me when I found this great box of dominoes. I don't think they've got any great age on them - 30 or 40 years is my guess because they're not plastic - but they're very cool. Look at the great dragon on the back!

She also helped pick out keys.

There were so many more, but for once we behaved ourselves and acted responsibly....kind of.

I haven't done a lot of found-object work, but it's something I have been itching to explore more. These seem to be the perfect raw materials for some play. What would you do with these?

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Shirley said...

Oh, I so love those keys. Go back and get me some(pretty please)!!! I adore old keys, but I think I'm kinda like Golem. They just hang out with me while I whisper, "my precious". :) I now have a stunning one custom made for me by Raida at Havana Beads. It has a lampworked bead of my dog, made from a pic I emailed to her!!! So I will be making something with it, just not sure yet. :)